Lilliane Lanteigne-Carmichael


As a lifetime resident (born and raised), I am very proud to call Belledune my home.  My husband Eric and I have two grown children and two beautiful grand-daughters who give us so much happiness in our lives.  We love them both to no end and they both hold a very special place in our hearts. 

I’ve worked in the Belledune community for over 35 years and always believed in giving back by supporting our local businesses. I want to say thank you to the people of Belledune for supporting me and putting their trust in me.  I will work hard to ensure I live up to their expectations. I will make every effort to be available to address concerns that are brought to my attention. I am looking forward to working with the other Councillors, Mayor, Village staff and residents of Belledune towards achieving what is best for the people and our Village. I know there will be challenges, but through hard work, dedication and commitment, I hope to work through them with the other Council members.  This is our Village and we want to see growth and improvements. Things will take time but by keeping at it, we will achieve so much.  I am confident by working together as a team we will get it done. I am excited for the next 4 years.



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