Foodcycler Program

About the Pilot Program
Additional Resources

Food Cycle Science has created this guide as a resource while participating in the pilot program. A FAQ, an itemized list of what can be processed using the FoodCycler™, and a table to track the number of cycles done with the FoodCycler™ over the pilot period is included in the guide.

** Registration has been extended until December 01, 2023! It is the same day for pick-up of recyclers (8am-6pm). If anyone is undecided and would like to come on December 01 for more info and have a look at the recyclers please feel free to do so! Thank You! **

Why Should I Participate?
Did you know that up to 50% of household waste is composed of food waste? By helping your municipality address food waste, you are supporting your community's environmental initiatives, while reducing your carbon footprint.
What are the Benefits?
> Reduces waste volume by up to 90% > Quiet, compact, and odourless operation > Easy to clean, easy to operate no special training or skills required > Relatively quick process and available year-round (compared to composting) > Produces valuable compost amendment that is fully-dry, low in odour and less attractive to wildlife > Low emissions compared to direct landfilling (reduced methane production, low power consumption, no transport emissions)
How Much will this Cost?
FoodCycler™ FC-30: $150 +HST / FoodCycler™ Maestro: $300 +HST