Economic Development

Building Belledune

The Village of Belledune is the heart of Northeastern New Brunswick’s Economy. Strategically located in between the cities of Campbellton and Bathurst, Belledune has become the hub for industry and economic opportunity. We are constantly working to improve the environment for large companies, small businesses and everyone in between. Over the past four years working with major industrial partners like the Port of Belledune, we have begun the process of making strategic investments in the infrastructure that supports our businesses. Our Light Industrial Park features a CN spur line and hectares of land perfect for businesses wishing to use the rail system to ship and receive their products. 

Please reach out to us to find out how Belledune can become the launch pad for your business, and help us build a better Belledune and Northeastern New Brunswick.


Our village is dedicated to helping local businesses invest in themselves and become more competitive, whether they call Belledune home or want to call it home. We do this through favourable commercial tax rates, network growth and administrative health, or via the provision of Economic Development Grants to businesses. It all comes together to work toward the community being more secure in essential services or to help the community achieve more.

Education and Training

The Village of Belledune is dedicated to the pursuit of workforce excellence. This means giving our citizens and those in surrounding communities access to world-class skills training and certifications. The opportunities our region can attract are dependent on the skills and ability of our people. Because of our remote nature, many citizens are forced to travel to one of the province’s southern cities to receive the training they require to build a successful career in Belledune. As a strategic goal of the Village, we are dedicated to finding new, more agile ways to ensure our citizens can save money, keep their jobs and develop their skill sets all at the same time.


Housing incentive

The Village of Belledune knows buying a new house, whether it’s your first house or your forever home, can be tough. That’s why we have developed an incentive for those who decide to make Belledune home. The Village of Belledune will issue a grant to people who purchase new homes in Belledune as their primary residence. We will provide 2.5% of the assessed value of the home. It’s a great way to handle some of the costs that come with home ownership and help you on your way to building an amazing life for you and your family.