Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Experience the gift of the glaciers and our pretty sand dunes.  Thousands of years ago as glaciers melted then split and erected the many valleys, hollows, ravens and the Jacquet River Gorge which now combined create the geology of Belledune.  Strolling our beaches the ancient cliffs and rocks can be traced back over 400 million years ago, long before man or dinasaurs.  This was the time when complicated creatures like spunges and coral were beginning to populate the oceans.

Belledune is located on the border of the Restigouche and Gloucester counties in northern New Brunswick, it therefore draws on both of these jurisdictions for its labour force and support services.

Nestled between the forest and the Bay of Chaleur this rural community provides the perfect setting for relaxation.

The population of this area is of mixed Irish, English, French and Scottish origin. Well known for it's work ethic, the labour force in this area is, by provincial standards, stable, well educated and informed.

Located right on the Bay of Chaleur this area offers one of the most beautiful vacation environments available! In the summertime, clean beaches, with some of the "warmest water north of Virginia", comfortable camping, water sports, hunting, fishing, cycling, hiking, birdwatching, or just relaxing by the sea - the Belledune area can make that "fun" vacation a very unforgettable one! In the wintertime, sleigh rides, ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and winter carnivals make for exciting family fun and adventure!

The community offers all the ameneties found in a modern municipality including fire, police, ambulance, refuse, medical clinic and schooling services. The region contains good restaurants, access to live theatre, excellent sporting facilities, seasonal festivals and holiday events.

The quality of life in this spacious community is Belledune's best kept secret.  Walking along Belledune's 23 km of shoreline, overlooking teh internationally recognized Bay of Chaleur, instills a sense of awe with visitors and residents alike.

The Bay of Chaleur, which means bay of heat, has been designed one of the worlds 30 most beautiful bays. 

The words peaceful, safe and stable best describe the community of Belledune.

It's a "Great Place" to live!

Belledune, New Brunswick, Canada