Sunday, October 20, 2019
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Village of Belledune - Rural Plan Amendment Notice

January 22nd, 2019







Village of Belledune








(pursuant to section 111 of the Community Planning Act)




The Municipality of Belledune intends to amend its Rural Plan, being by-law no. 17-01-2008 entitled ''A By-Law to adopt the rural plan of the Village of Belledune'', for the following purposes:




To change the zoning of the property owned by Patrick Hickey, located at 3743 Main Street and bearing PID 50074079. For the purpose of the Rural Plan, the zoning is changed from MX-2 to RU-3. The purpose of this amendment is to allow the development of a mobile home site. WHEREAS section 66 of the Community Planning Act provides that the Council shall request in writing the written views of the Chaleur Regional Service Commission prior to enacting a by-law amending a rural plan; and


Interested parties may consult the proposed by-law at the Office of the Municipal Clerk in the Municipal Building of Belledune or at the Office of the Planning Department of the Chaleur Regional Service Commission from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM on business days. The proposed by-law is also available on the webpage of the Chaleur Regional Service Commission at and on the website of the Village of Belledune.




Objections to the proposed by-law which are presented in writing shall be considered at a public hearing to be held in Council Chamber at Belledune on March 4, 2019 at 7:00 PM.



Anyone wishing to support or oppose those written objections may do so at that time and place.




Take note that written objections shall be accepted up and including March 11, 2019. They shall be addressed to Brenda Cormier, Municipal Clerk.



Municipal Council of Belledune


By:       Brenda Cormier


            Municipal Clerk











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