Friday, July 3, 2020
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The Village of Belledune has evolved as the major industrial center for the northern half of the province of New Brunswick, Canada. The community is home to a lead smelter owned by Brunswick Mining and Smelting Ltd., (Noranda), a fertilizer plant, the recently completed 450 megawatt thermal generating station which guarantees an abundant power supply, a new modern sawmill facility owned by Chaleur Sawmill Associates and the gypsum processing plant owned by Canadian Gypsum Company. In addition, the community has zoned approximately 5,000 acres for heavy industry, is continuing to develop their 230 acre light industrial park and has zoned a further 10,000 acres for future development.

The many attributes of the village include a year-round deepwater port equipped to handle Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk and General cargo. There is an excellent transportation infrastructure including location on the main CN line (with two sidings), and an impressive range of community services. The northeast region of New Brunswick, which includes the counties of Gloucester and Restigouche has much to offer, including an exceptional work force and a broad range of services and facilities available to businesses and their employees.

The labour force available in the region is both skilled and highly motivated. The major industrial employers in the area have no difficulty in recruiting personnel from within the region or in bringing people back to the area, who may have left to attend school or establish their careers.

Major employers in the region have been highly successful in recruiting employees with the necessary skills. The labour force profile more accurately depicts the quality of potential employees in our region.

The region's labour force is characterized by:

Its youthfulness, majority being in the 15 - 34 age range.
Modest salaries, salaries are low in comparison to urban centers.
Training, high proportion of the workforce has trade, technical and vocational training.
Bilingualism, over 50%


Restigouche and Gloucester Regions

Employment Status

  • Total Labour Force 55,575
  • Unemployment Rate 17.2%

Age Breakdown

  • 15-24 years 30,615
  • 25-54 years 20,850
  • 55 and over 4,095

Salary Ranges

  • Secretarial $12,000 - $17,000
  • Technical/Trades $19,500 - $33,500
  • Business Administration (Junior to Intermediate level) $14,500 - $32,000
  • Middle to Senior Management $40,000 - $55,000

Education Level

  • Secondary Certificate or higher 55.5%
  • Trade or Technical Certificate 13.0%
  • University or College training (Junior to Intermediate level) 21.0%
  • University Degree 8.0%

Bilingual Capability

  • Restigouche County 53.0%
  • Gloucester County 52.0%

This area is ideally positioned to become one of eastern Canada's leading industrial centers. The Village of Belledune will be pleased to assist you and your business to establish in Belledune and will provide you with more detailed information on any aspect of our community or region.

Belledune, New Brunswick, Canada